A KALTBLUT exclusive. Heritage is a fashion story that aims to describe the psychological implications of forced confinement period: the lockdown. Photography by Giulia Cesanelli. Model is Alissa Polizzi. Stylist is Sara Severini. Makeup by Laura Pontillo. Brands are Sara Severini, Zara, Bershka.

Introspection, suffocation, isolation.

Photography by Giulia Cesanelli / Instagram: @giuliacsn
Model is Alissa Polizzi / Instagram: @@alissapolizzi
Fashion Designer – Stylist is Sara Severini / Instagram: @_saraseverini @sara.severini
Makeup by Laura Pontillo / Instagram: @laurapontillomakeup__
Videomaker is Gabriel Bobutanu / Instagram: @gabrielbobutanu
Assistant photographer is Giulia Lorenzini / Instagram: @giuliaalorenzini
Brands are Sara Severini, Zara, Bershka