Hide with me

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Model is Rayan signed at agency Two Management Barcelona. Photography by Maria Marin. Styling by Clàudia Roca. This story talks about wanting to hide, about looking for an ally to rest from this world that is going crazy. A moment’s pause to start over, a small break to keep running.

t-shirt by Abanderado
shirt and pants by Lorenzo Martinez shoes by Nike

“Thanks to my studies I discovered analogue photography, now it is difficult for me to go back to digital. I admire professional photographers who only work with analogue and I try to learn every day so that I can continue creating.”

jacket and pants by Pablo Erroz headscarf stylist own

shirt by MM Studio
shirt by MMStudio
pants by Lorenzo Martinez shoes by stylist own
top by Andres Zurro headscarf stylist own
t-shirt by Abanderado

Photography by Maria Marin / Instagram: @marinmariaph
Styling by Clàudia Roca / Instagram: @claudiarocawork
Model is Rayan / Instagram: @heherayan / signed at agency Two Management Barcelona / Instagram: @twomanagementbarcelona