HOLY SPIRIT by Bodi Samba

Introducing Berlin-based multidisciplinary artist Bodi Samba and the project Holy Spirit. Photography by Jonas Mertens. Holy Spirit is a series of 10 portrait paintings that represents the artist’s inner peace.

Artist: Bodi Samba / www.bodisamba.frInstagram: @bodisamba
Photography by Jonas Mertens Instagram: @jonas.l.mertens 
Production: Lsn Studio / Instagram: @lsnstudio_

“I was born in a small Congolese commune in Kinshasa where I spent my childhood and developed my relationship with the art world before making it all happen when I arrived in France ( Paris ) and Germany ( Berlin ).

My relationship with art has always been special since I was very young. I grew up with people who had a very special relationship with art. This had a huge influence on my development and my artistic vision.

All these influences opened my eyes to myself, my vision, and my artistic approach.

It pushed me to look back at my artistic identity and to make an artistic concept out of it.

For me, artistic identity is something that has a beginning but no end. A world where there are no boxes, a world where you feel free, a world where you can be whoever you want.

What do I mean by that? From childhood to adulthood, we are taught to do everything: eat, run, walk, talk, write, etc. All these things we are taught to do are not only for our own good but for the good of others. All these things that we are taught teach us to become the people we will become later. But the only question I’ve always asked myself is whether becoming that person was always what I wanted or what people wanted me to be.

Identity and artistic identity are an exploration, an empty room, an empty world where you have to rebuild everything in your own image.

When I talk about the void, I am talking about a world that is ready to be rebuilt.

But a conditioned identity is an identity that is constructed by others but not by oneself.
Reconstructing one’s identity starts with deconstructing one’s identity in order to explore and exploit it in one’s own way.

My artistic vision is to create a world where I can feel free, free to explore everything.

Being free is not only trying to be free in everyday life but also being free in different ways.

Everybody always tells me that it is impossible to be free in a world where everything has to be rebuilt. But every time I answer that freedom is a perception, it’s the way you see things, it’s the way you are convinced to get your freedom.

For me, freedom is my artistic concept (IDENTITY).

Identity is a way to explore my identity and my artistic identity.
It is an artistic concept that represents the freedom to create.

It is about expressing one’s creative vision in the freest possible way, without any preconceived criteria, in order to bring out one’s own identity as best as possible. The artist does not have to justify or explain his creation because it is the fruit of his imagination.
The work speaks for itself.

This freedom opens my mind and allows me to create as freely as possible.

I would like to present to you my project HOLY SPIRIT which is linked to my artistic concept identity.

HOLLY SPIRIT underlines my artistic transition. It shows the continuity of my artistic exploration and opens the door to my next journey.

What do I mean by this?

Transition is an important time to develop as an artist. We need this moment of peace to put each puzzle in its place and better explore our identity.

HOLLY SPIRIT is a series of 10 portrait paintings that represent my inner peace. This series shows the transition between my treatment of identity ( HAcked identity ) and my exploration of identity
( Explore identity ).

HACKED IDENTITY traces my artistic journey and the many reflections I have made in order to confront and reconstruct my identity. From my first exhibition before Holy Spirit.

Holy Spirit is the transition for me between Hacked Identity and Explore Identity.

EXPLORE IDENTITY shows my artistic exploration and evolution from many angles and focuses on my determination to explore my identity.

It’s a project I’m currently working on that I can’t talk more about but stay tuned as there are some good things coming soon.

For me, we all have a moment in our life when we want to find ourselves, put everything in its place, and start a new chapter.
Holy Spirit represents this transition for me.
And for me, every person needs Holy Spirit at some point in their life.”