HOUSE OF PRIDE: The Ultimate Celebration for Berlin Pride

Berlin is about to get a whole lot prouder and more fabulous, as the official main party of CSD Berlin takes over the city. Mark your calendars for July 27th, as HOUSE OF PRIDE hits the scene with a bang, promising a night you won’t forget.

Set in the vibrant heart of Berlin, this event is more than just a party—it’s a statement. It’s a glittery, glamorous declaration of pride, positivity, and diversity. Imagine a world where you’re surrounded by the most fabulous individuals, pulsating beats, and an atmosphere charged with love and acceptance. That’s exactly what you’ll find at HOUSE OF PRIDE.


This isn’t just any party; it’s THE queer party of the year, and everyone who is anyone will be there. Whether you’re looking to dance the night away, catch some incredible performances, or simply bask in the beauty of diversity, HOUSE OF PRIDE is the place to be.

Line Up:

From A to Z, we’ve got a star-studded lineup ready to make your night unforgettable:

  • Amanda Lepore
  • Amar Alemao
  • Annie O. b2b Fixie Fate
  • Bambi Mercury
  • Bec
  • Bimini
  • Cenkk b2b Moderna
  • Charlet C.House b2b Jacky-Oh Weinhaus
  • DJ Königsmann
  • EMI (Drag)
  • Flo Masse
  • Gloria Viagra (HOST)
  • Hot Chip (DJ Set)
  • Katy Bähm
  • Laila Licious
  • Lulu Safari Drag
  • Mari Mars
  • MVHY
  • Prismode & Solvane
  • Rachel Intervention
  • Romano van de Mas
  • Shimmy G.
  • Spikey Lee b2b Christian Marras
  • Stella DeStroy b2b Destiny Drescher
  • The Creamgirls
  • The Queer Indigo (Host)
  • Yvonne Nightstand

Get ready to be part of something spectacular. HOUSE OF PRIDE is not just a celebration; it’s a movement. Be there or miss out on the queer extravaganza of the year!