Human Furniture! Photography by Jácint Halász

A KALTBLUT exclusive photography series! Photographer Jácint Halász captured David White signed at M4 Models and Bonny Zahara. Special thanks to Maximilian Mouson and Original in Berlin.

“What makes a great photographer? A good eye? An expensive camera? Technical know- how? Certainly, those things all play a role, but what I think is most crucial to becoming truly great is charisma and the ability to direct people.
Creating a photograph is much more than simply pressing a button and taking a picture. As a photographer who creates staged images – which involves intense curation from conception to completion – it is essential that you are able to control the subjects and the circumstances to the most specific details.

Throughout my career I’ve created many controversial shoots where I put my models in situations that I forced them out of their comfort zone – I made them feel vulnerable. This could not have been done that without the power of Persuasion!”

*Jácint Halász

Photographer: Jácint Halász / / @jacinthalasz
“I’m a Transylvanian born photographer from Budapest, moved to Berlin a year ago. I mostly shoot people related staged photography. Next, so I’m doing my own projects I’m working as a photo director for Berlin-based Eyewear company Haffmans&Neumeister ( / @haffmansneumeister ) Three of the same owners who made IC! Berlin and MYKITA back in the days.


David White signed at M4 Models / @mynameisdavidwhite @m4models
Bonny Zahara / @bonnyzahara
Special thanks to:
Maximilian Mouson / @maximilianmouson
And Original in Berlin


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