HUMAWE – Nostalgic identity

A KALTBLUT exclusive fashion film and editorial. Photography by Kaj Lehner. Videography by Kwai Tendar. Models are Noah Saraswati signed at Agency Munich Models GmbH, Alima Darouiche, Jessica Ramos Reis Calado. Designer is Amira Abdul Rahma. Text by Winona Marie.

My name is Amira I am 26 years old and I just finished my bachelor in fashion design.
With my latest project, I want to tell my story and encourage others, to tell theirs. It is important for me, to show who I am and what defines me. But who am I? It is hard to answer that question in a short way so I am answering with my designs.
My collection shows how I connected the most important parts of my identity. Being a queer Muslim feminist who is homesick for a country that defines its roots. Lebanon.
This collection is about finding identity, controversial roots and nostalgic influences of two cultures. One part reflects the Lebanese culture together with aspects of the oriental origin. The other part is inspired by feminism and gender studies which rebels against oppression and obsolete behaviour patterns and instead encourages rethinking. The attempt to unit individual elements of both worlds, whose controversial influences evoke a sense of dissonance, can create something new.

„HUMAWE – Nostalgic Identity“ – tells exactly this story and shows that even opposing influences harmonize with one‘s own identity.

Two so different worlds, being connected to one woven soul.

Photography by Kaj Lehner / / Instagram: @kajlehner
Videography by Kwai Tendar / / Instagram: @lacoloniale
Models are Noah Saraswati signed at Agency Munich Models GmbH / Instagram: @putunoah_p
Alima Darouiche / Instagram: @alimadarouiche
Jessica Ramos Reis Calado / Instagram: @jeezy_rc
Designer is Amira Abdul Rahman / Instagram: @a.mira.a.r
Styling by Amira Abdul Rahman / Instagram: @a.mira.a.r
Text by Winona Marie / Instagram: @californiatears