Hunk of the Week: Ladybeard

Richard Magarey, or better known as ‘Ladybeard’, is the latest sensation in Japan. The Australian actor slash wrestler, martial artist and metal singer is becoming an idol and his fame is growing. His facebookpage gained over 60.000 likes.

He says: “I’ve always had an interest in pro-wrestling because it combines all the things that I love — acting, martial arts, character performance, and everything… when I began wrestling I decided to wear a dress in the ring and make Ladybeard my ring name too. Everyone loved it.” We love Ladybeard!!

ladybeard-crossdressing-wrestler-death-metal-singer-01 ladybeard-crossdressing-wrestler-death-metal-singer-02 ladybeard-crossdressing-wrestler-death-metal-singer-04 ladybeard-crossdressing-wrestler-death-metal-singer-05 ladybeard-crossdressing-wrestler-death-metal-singer-14 ladybeard-wrestler-metal-singer-cross-dressing-1 ladybeard-wrestler-metal-singer-cross-dressing-7 ladybeard-wrestler-metal-singer-cross-dressing-8 ladybeard-wrestler-metal-singer-cross-dressing-9

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