I am ready to play! Five, four, three, two, one

A KALTBLUT exclusive story by five photographers based in Melbourne, Australia. Arielle Bateman, Josh Mifsud, Kimia Kiani, Michelle Gogerly and Serene Lorimer decided to play a creative game bypassing the camera from one hand to the other while collectively shooting the models Marlon Moro and Felippe Canale. Lights, camera, action!

Photographers are Arielle Bateman / Instagram @arielle_bateman_photography
Josh Mifsud  / Instagram @jsh.mfsd
Kimia Kiani  / Instagram @kimia_kiani7
Michelle Gogerly  / Instagram @freshshell
Serene Lorimer  / Instagram @serene.lorimer

Models are Marlon Moro / Instagram @marlon.moro and Felippe Canale / Instagram @felippe.canale

MUA Chloe Rose / Instagram @xs.rose
Produced by
Robyn Strathearn/ Instagram @robyn_strathearn

Location: The Photo Studio / Instagram @thephotostudioaustralia