I hate Sex

I hate Sex is a photography series by photographer Anastasia Shevchenko and creative director & model Olga Kovtun. Co-creator is Artem Pavliuk. The couples are Danil Titov & Denis Pidenko, Polina Yatsenko & Lukovkina Karyna, Chukhno Danya & Viekhtieva Svitlana. I Hate Sex: you believe whatever you want to believe. You just need to think and you will see how deep the rabbit hole goes.

“My name is Olga Kovtun, I am a model, actress and content creator.  The concept is to show the idea that the world is very saturated with the promotion of relationships. It’s cool when people love each other, but don’t forget and show that it’s okay to be alone.

LGBT couples are also involved in the shooting, in the context of which you can see another message of such a short phrase as “I hate sex”, because in translation from English sex is gender. I don’t divide love into ranks and show that you can love anyone and encourage you to break the stereotypes about traditional couples if you don’t feel that way.

Regarding my provocative look. A seductive, bright, sexually frank, attention-grabbing girl is not always a challenge to lechery. She has the right to look as she pleases, without a hint of provocation. Looking sexy does not mean wanting sex.

I think this work is worthy of attention and is a good message for many. And thanks to your publication, we will be able to break down stereotypical thinking for a much larger audience.”

Photography by Anastasia Shevchenko / @shevchenko.ph
The creative director & model is Olga Kovtun / @__olgakovtun
Co-creator is Artem Pavliuk / @pavluzh
Couples are 
 1. Danil Titov / @danix.tt & Denis Pidenko / @_denisimon
 2. Polina Yatsenko / @suckpperr & Lukovkina Karyna / @kaktus6.6
 3. Chukhno Danya / @chukhno24 & Viekhtieva Svitlana / @_svetlo__