Iago Otero Fall/Winter 2022

#ParisFashionWeek – Iago Otero unveiled its Fall/Winter 2022 collection collection Nothing so ridiculously teenage and desperate during Paris Fashion Week at Tranoï. More than ever, Iago Otero’s 2022 collection is an ode to youth. It takes place in a teenager’s room where tv and music are the easiest scape from reality to stave off depression and anxiety.


As a go back to simpler times Iago Otero draws a journey to iconic millennial references such as Gilmore girls, Ghost world, The virgin suicides and artists like Radiohead or Mazzy star. The collection portrays a generation born in the 90’s, living between an uncertain future, a placid past and a convulsive present living paycheck to paycheck. Millennials are going through life struggling to find their place in the world with no ambition at all or certainty on how their lives will turn out living between adolescence and being a fully grown-up.

The result is a collection that embodies self awareness and weirdness as a badge of honor.

Iago Otero 2022 is a reflection of the frustration with the side effects of the economic crisis

The 2022 collection goes one step further in solidifying the brand’s vocabulary. The collection is about individuality and seeing the wardrobe as an active tool of rebellion.

Iago Otero plays with second-hand inspired garments that seem to be taken from a thrift store. The silhouette is wide and relaxed, with short and long tailored trousers and oversize cotton check shirt dresses that reference grunge music as a way to identify ourselves and portray an apathetic, unambitious and disinterested image to the world.

Underneath them there is a more delicate sphere, which is hidden from most, with knit lace garments that weave the most vulnerable side of the collection from top to bottom pieces. As a signature of the brand, Iago Otero presents new patterns for knitwear, hand crafted with cotton, mohair and merino wool.

The collection is completed by lashings of cynicism and an ironic sense of humor.