A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by Lisa Knauer. Model is the ballet dancer Lasse Caballero. Make up by Josephine Winter.

“I’m Lisa Knauer from Hamburg and I’m a photographer. I started as a portrait photographer and I’m now building my fashion photography portfolio, because I know, this is the path I need and want to follow. I’m passionate about being creative, passionate about exploring different kinds of styles and techniques and most important, I’m passionate about the symbiotic relationship between the person in front of the camera and myself. This is, where the magic happens and this is what drives me. A few weeks ago, I shot a non-commercial photo story , that I called ‘Icarus’. My model and muse was the incredibly talented and beautiful ballet dancer Lasse Caballero. I intended to show the pure beauty and joy of this art and yet the pain and madness it takes, to create this form of perfection.” *Lisa Knauer

Photography by Lisa Knauer / www.lisaknauer.com /
Instagram: @lisa_knauer_photography

Model is the ballet dancer Lasse Caballero /
Instagram: @lasse.gc

Make up by Josephine Winter / www.josephine-winter.de /
Instagram: @by.josephine.winter

Brands used are:
Yumiko @yumiko / Zara @zara
The skirt and the coat are both costumes from a theater and unique items. Borrowed at the ‘Jacke wie Hose’ rental in Hamburg.