KALTBLUT Magazine presents: Radek Pestka @Avant Models Poland – Winner of Polands Next Topmodel lensed by Wojciech Jachyra. Styling by Paulina Leszczyk using fashion by our favourite Polish label pjotr by designer Piotr Górski amongst H&M, Adidas and jewelery by Anna ORSKA. Make up by Patrycja Marciniak. Hair by Damian Witkowski @Jaga Hupało / Born To Create. Set design by Ula Lis. Flowers by Agnieszka Kudela – “W te pędy”. The main inspiration for the editorial is Madonna’s latest tour, “Rebel Heart Tour” and the stage image of the artist Grimes. A KALTBLUT exclusive menswear editorial. 

Radek Pestka Top Model 062 copy Radek Pestka Top Model 131 copy Radek Pestka Top Model 282 Radek Pestka Top Model 310 copy Radek Pestka Top Model 434 copy Radek Pestka Top Model 488 copy Radek Pestka Top Model 493 Radek Pestka Top Model 507 Radek Pestka Top Model 533 copy Radek Pestka Top Model 251


Photographer (concept & photo): Wojciech Jachyra – @Facebook  / www.wojciechjachyra.com
Model: Radek Pestka / Avant Models Poland – @Facebookrdslav.com
Winner of Polands Next Topmodel
Make Up: Patrycja Marciniak
Hair Style: Damian Witkowski – Jaga Hupało / Born To Create
Style: Paulina Leszczyk
Designers: Piotr Górski – pjotr – @Facebook
H&M, Adidas.
Jewelery: Anna ORSKA
Set Design: Ula Lis
Flowers: Agnieszka Kudela – “W te pędy”
Retouch: Paul Drozdowski & Sylwia Dębicka
Location: Studio Czarnobyl – Warsaw.

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