A KALTBLUT exclusive starring Dildolette – bisexual drag queen, non-monogamous superheroine. Photography by Jacek Narkielun. Dildolette – a bisexual warrior from Rainbow Queer Planet, comes to Earth.

Concerned by the current situation, she decides to save her queer sisters and brothers from extermination. Inspired by the heroines from comic books and B-class sci-fi erotic movies she jumps in the cosmic sex bomb costume to fight on behalf of the moral and sexual liberation of the LGBTQ + community. Her mission is to remove from power the vengeful and intolerant leader (of the country) and his people.


Dildolette has blue eyes and long blond hair. She is slim yet muscular. She wears a tight latex costume in three colours that represent the bisexual flag. A rainbow cape that flutters behind her it’s huge enough to protect a group of her lovers.
She wears pink thigh-length boots on her long unshaved legs.
Dildolette wears vivid make up. She is beautiful and ultra-feminine yet you can easily spot an impressive mysterious bulge between her thighs.


Dildolette is liberated and frivolous in matters of a sexual nature and has an above-average libido. She is compulsive and used to using her beauty to achieve planned goals.
Dildolette is the ambivalent character, a trickster, an archetype of a God-Joker. She acts against established rules (monogamy) by introducing her own (polyamory).


Dildolette owns supernatural power and is able to make both males and females fall in love with her. She fights against homo, bi and transphobia. Her signature weapon is a phallus-shaped pistol (dildolet) squirting with magic white liquid that has the ability to change even the most homophobic person into a gay.
Another Dildolette’s secret weapon is a pink aphrodisiac gas (poppers) with which she intoxicates her future lovers. The gas comes out from her bra and bottom.

To be continued.

Model is Dildolette drag queen / Instagram: @dildolette
Art director, postproduction, superpowers: Dildolette: @dildolette
& Bisexual Top Boy: @bisexualtopboy
Photography by Jacek Narkielun / Instagram: @narkielun
Costume by Anna Mestwinowa / Instagram: @anna_mestwinowa
Makeup by Black Diva / Instagram: @blackdiva_queen
Wig by Madame Meduse / Instagram: @madame.meduse
Choreography by Red Juliette / Instagram: @redjuliette.burlesque