I’m falling for you, skateboarding! By Mihaela Karadjova

Mihaela Karadjova is an illustrator based in Sofia, Bulgaria. She has been illustrating skaters for four years now. Karadjova does not skate but she has spent a lot of time with skaters and skate-illustrators. The idea behind this project is to show all the sacrifices one has to make sometimes in the name of love for skateboarding.

“Very often you do not succeed on the first try. A trick takes a lot of time to master – you fall and you get up, then you try again, you fall again, you start freaking out, again and again, and at some point you finally make it. You realize that what gives you the strength to keep trying is your love for skateboarding. And actually, LOVE is your biggest award and achievement.”

Karadjova has already finished her first project on the topic. It is called “Skateches”. Find out more about it here and see her first featured on KALTBLUT here.


Instagram: @stalkersince1993

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