I’m going to get married and I’ll be right back

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Concept, Direction and Styling by Chiara Leone. Photography by Federica Livia Giangregorio. Hair by Mariateresa Piscicelli. Make-up by Miria Porro. The project “I’m going to get married and I’ll be right back” comes from the idea of representing a not too distant future, namely the colonization of the planet Mars and the possibility of reaching it. In particular, an event will be represented, that is a wedding on Mars.

Moreover, this project takes inspiration from a fundamental era: the 60s.
In the 1960s, designers such as Pierre Cardin, Paco Rabanne, and André Courrèges “reached the stars”, drawing inspiration from the space race of the previous decade, launching and parading with what we know as the “Space Age”.

Concept, Direction and Styling by Chiara Leone / Instagram: @chiarargl
Photography by Federica Livia Giangregorio / Instagram: @federicalivia__
Hair by Mariateresa Piscicelli / Instagram: @creativity_________________
Make-up by Miria Porro / Instagram: @the_golden_miria
Models are Cosimo Miccolis signed at @3mmodels and @urbnmilan / Instagram: @cosimo_miccolis
Claudia Lorusso signed at @moi_models / Instagram: @claudialorussso
Paola Valente / Instagram: @valente_paola
Gianluca Ragno / Instagram: @imnotgianlu
Styling Assistant: Luana Capuzzolo / Instagram: @llluanac

Fashion by
Etta’s Vintage / Instagram: @ettasvintage
Hubble Bubble / Instagram: @__hubblebubble

“My name is Chiara Leone and I am a Stylist Jr. born in southern Italy, I am based in London and I work between the United Kingdom and Italy.

I worked for two years in a communication agency where I was in charge of managing some local brands in the fashion and image sphere, organising production, shooting, and finally styling.

My strength in my fashion editorials is to collaborate with emerging brands or designers, so I can give them light and expand their visual and also ethical aesthetics. Last but not least, another key component that I love to use in my fashion styling is vintage or second-hand clothing pieces, most of which were used in the last editorial I sent you. The theme of vintage or second-hand is one that I hold very dear because it literally lives with me and surrounds me every day. This passion was passed down to me from my mother, who collected vintage clothing since she was a girl, so as well as giving a unique concept to my editorials, every single garment has its own little story.