I’m leaving so I can keep you forever in this grief of never keeping you by Petros Aronis

Petros Aronis is a multimedia artist involved in photography, filmmaking and painting based in Glasgow and Athens. His main inspirations derive from Art, Fashion, Feminism, Gender Theories and Social Issues. My body of work has no firm distinction between personal, commercial and editorial. For Aronis, art is a combination of aesthetics and morality with no real importance of talent, technique, equipment, procedure, performance and execution but pure ideology.

Inspired by the female characters created by Marguerite Duras and Patrick Marber.
This series is about love and loss expressed through the physicality of the model’s body. The pictures form a goodbye letter to a lover but instead of words the body is the expressive language. The aesthetics of the series is an effort to reflect on human alienation and emotional repression in the context of urban and digital culture at the era of the internet. It’s a celebration of the female body and it’s sexual liberation. The female body is used not as the subject of sexual desire but as the site. The female body is not used to represent sexual desire but only showcase it as the inhabitant of the sexual desire.

Photography by Petros Aronis
Instagram: @petraronis

Model is The Virtual Geisha
Instagram: @thevirtualgeisha

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