In conversation with Albert Madaula

An interview taken from our June Issue. In this special issue, we wanted to give light to artists, especially illustrators and painters, to know how to quarantine time affected their lives and their process. We wanted to showcase a different story, different arts to give a voice and platform for these creators.

KALTBLUT: What have you been doing to pass your time in quarantine?
Albert: Generally speaking, I have had more time to dedicate to my home and family. I also had the chance to work on a daily basis, which has been of great help to deal with this stressful situation we are in now.

KALTBLUT: How has the situation affected your work?
Albert: Indeed, big projects have been stopped in their tracks for now, since I do not believe it is a good time to invest in such projects. That led me to work on smaller and more affordable projects in order to stay active during this time.


Instagram: @albertmadaula

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