In conversation with Emma Weird

An interview taken from our June Issue. In this special issue, we wanted to give light to artists, especially illustrators and painters, to know how to quarantine time affected their lives and their process. We wanted to showcase a different story, different arts to give a voice and platform for these creators.

KALTBLUT: It’s been almost 2 months since self-isolation has been enforced worldwide, how are you feeling?
Emma: As a firm optimist, I’m feeling quite hopeful, that this might be the beginning of a better world. Though I am still longing for spontaneous happenings, human touch and connection, sweaty dance floors.

KALTBLUT: What have you been doing to pass your time in quarantine?
Emma: I’ve been painting, finding new ways of making art, spending time in nature, trying to secure an income, drinking wine at noon, connecting with friends near and far. I have also been studying, as this lockdown and all the free time has enabled me to finally get a high school diploma through online studies.

KALTBLUT: How has the situation affected your work?
Emma: I’m used to working from my bedroom with a shoestring budget, so my work setup didn’t drastically change. I normally have IRL shoots for reference photos that I use for painting, but that hasn’t been possible since the lockdown. Instead, I’ve had friends send me nude selfies. I actually love working from these grainy smartphone selfies. At the moment I am painting friends from as far as Brazil and Pankow.


Instagram: @emma.weird
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