In conversation with Eugenio Andrade Schulz

An interview taken from our April digitial issue. Fall in love with Eugenio Andrade Schulz and his 70s-80s inspired sinister photographic universe! The 22-year-old Mexican artist mostly works with fashion labels, fashion weeks, magazines, and musicians. Using his images to interpret his surroundings, he poses questions regarding social, religious, and sexual issues.

KALTBLUT: Your photography is really cinematic. The atmosphere you create is incredible. Would you say cinema has influenced your perspective?
Eugenio: A lot of things are reflected in my photography, cinema influences my everyday life, professionally and personally. So, yes, movies are always changing my perspective.

KALTBLUT: What other influences do you have?
Eugenio: I think it´s important to stay open to options, not just professionally but personally, people around me, music, activities, daily routines, etc. Music is always influencing the way I act, so many things happening all the time, people writing, singing, dancing, creating.

KALTBLUT: What would be your favorite decade to live and work in?
Eugenio: I feel that my work has a strong 70’s influence, tones, graphics, fashion, organic shapes, but personally I love 80’s aesthetics, geometrical shapes, strong contrasts with a bit more risky colors.

Instagram: @eugenioaschulz 

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