Issue 10 – In conversation with ..!

WE ARE BACK with a brand new print issue! IN CONVERSATION WITH …
80 pages feat. Olaf Hajek, Dimitris Papaioannou, Dream Wife, Tove Styrke, Gaddafi Gals, Henkjenz, Hakan Berryfinn, YAR, pinqponq and more. Order a print issue HERE!

Special thx to Yu-liang Liu, Aysha Hussain, Alexandra Howard, Colette Pomerleau, Manuel Moncayo, Sebastian Pielles, Sebastian Pollin, Sebastián Delgado, Kiko Dionisio, Sem Shayne & Anton Fayle.

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Here of joy rich striving,
There of sorrow night,
This is Berlin life, How it cries and laughs!
*David Kalisch

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A happy new year from us! And, welcome to our new print issue. Marcel & Nicolas

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digital download – ebook 2.50 Euro: HERE


Cover by Olaf Hajek