In Existence

In Existence” is a visual poem directed and filmed by Isabel Rhea Eriksson, a photographer from Sweden who runs Rhea Produktion. She specializes in shooting fashion and portraits and has a strong passion for analogue photography. In addition, she works as a freelance technician for various TV productions. A KALTBLUT exclusive. The poem is intuitively written by the artist Kajsa Krebs, exploring the healing power of nature.

Cold, harsh winds or gentle breezes, dazzling sunlight or a warm kiss from the sun.
The touch of water upon the skin—whether wet or refreshing.
I feel it! I exist! I’m in existence!
Embrace the energy of Mother Earth and let her take you on a transformative healing journey.
Reflect upon yourself in the mirrored waters; reconnect with yourself and your higher consciousness.
Let your wild side out; the rawness of your true self.
Feel everything fully and let yourself become one with the infinite.
Mother Earth holds you and helps you surrender to what is.

Director & DOP: Isabel Rhea Eriksson / / Instagram: @irhea1
Producer: Amanda Rhea Eriksson / / Instagram: @arhea1
Production: Rhea Produktion / / Instagram: @rheaproduktion
Featuring: Linnea Nilsson / Instagram: @linnea_nilsson2
Model Agency: Lind Models / / Instagram: @lindmodels
Makeup Artist: Jennifer Bauhn / Instagram:
Fashion Stylist: Kalina Gunnarsson/ / Instagram: @kalina.gunnarsson
Editor: Joel Holmqvist / Instagram: @joelholmqvist
Drone operators: Emilio Di Stefano, Daniéla Frykstrand / Instagram: @emiliodistefano @frykstrand
Colorist: Camilla Liljestrand / / Instagram: @liljestrand_film
Poem: Kajsa Krebs / Instagram: @aiisa_stories
Voice Artist: EVA McAlpine
Sound: Paul Werner
Stills Photographer: Agnieszka Trzoch / /  Instagram: @agnieszkatrzoch

Fashion Brands used are: Acne Studios, Other Stories, Stand, Miista, Hosbjerg, Skims, Louis Vuitton, Souliers Martinez
Instagram name of each brand: @acnestudios @andotherstories @standstudio.official @miista @hosbjerg_ @skims @louisvuitton @martinez