IN RAIBOWS! Photography by Cristina Jiménez Rey

A KALTBLUT exclusive from Barcelona. Photography by Cristina Jiménez Rey. Model is Aris Dougas. “I have a lot of warm memories tied up in rainbows, the whole entire album of Radiohead touched my heart but Reckoner made me dream far away, far, far away…that song was raw melancholic, was me and you dancing, was me and you splitting, was my mum saying good bye, was you saying good bye, was me thinking about you, was my whole life in slow motion, was London, Rome, Granada, Barcelona, Salamanca, Palencia and all the cities that I have been living in, now that I am moving again I’m listening it like the first time , I have been listening everywhere and became better, was my old friends in dark places and new friends in sunny places, was our beautiful chemistry that I just wanted to pay tribute to such amazing album and ultimate song with images in with this editorial .” says Cristina Jiménez Rey.

Photographer-Cristina Jiménez Rey /

Model – Aris Dougas

Agency Blow Models.


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