Inspiration from the world of jewellery: these pieces will make you love fall

As the daylight hours diminish, nature literally changes before our eyes and its colourful canvas reminds us that now is the right time to change our wardrobe for the new season. But that’s not all. Our jewellery boxes definitely deserve a seasonal revision too. So put aside that loose boho jewellery you wore in the summer. Your outfit will now be complemented the best by elegant and more luxurious pieces. But don’t give up on your layered chains just yet, they can be a great accessory to a single colour turtleneck or a top with a high neckline. Well-chosen jewellery will add that right touch of style and the master in this field is unmistakably jewellery with colour stones. Some of them are just perfect for this season.

The colour of a pomegranate

Reddish-purple magenta is one of the leading colours of this fall and the lesser-known gemstone rhodolite (which comes from the garnet family of stones) proudly features this very colour. Rose gold earrings with rhodolites resemble pomegranate seeds and are both distinctive and delicate at the same time.

The dark moldavite and the radiant peridot

The colour green is associated with both calm and regeneration. Jewelry with a green gemstone can also have this effect. But even before you find the time to go for a walk in the woods, you could own your own piece of Czech nature in the form of a gold pendant with a moldavite while those gloomy fall days will be lit up by a ring with an oval moldavite decorated with diamonds. This beautiful gem in the colour of fresh grass will stand out even on a darker colour sweater.

Citrine will put you in a good mood

Looking at a colourful fall landscape is certainly amazing. With the gemstone citrine which comes in a warm yellow shade of colour, you can own a little of this natural beauty for yourself. And all it takes is a delicate accessory in the form of a minimalist bracelet with a citrine set in yellow gold.

How to match jewellery with your fall outfits

Clothing covers a larger area of the body which means that jewellery gets much less space. So those chains or necklaces that will look good not only on the skin but also on a sweater for instance will suit. Earrings which don’t become entangled in a scarf or shawl, ideally stud ones or the shorter pendant variety would also all be better.

And how should you combine colour gemstones with clothes? There is no great science to that. Feel free to mix fall colours such as dark red, burgundy, purple, deep green, yellow and brown freely. For example, a moldavite or a rhodolite garnet on a mustard-yellow blouse will look great, while a citrine will be a match for a burgundy sweater and so on and so on. Any of these colours would also be a fantastic complement to the ubiquitous beige or nude colour of this season. Take a look at the selection of jewellery with gemstones from the KLENOTA jewelry studio.