© Jerun Vahle

#Instalove – a collective play about love

Have you found the one? What pisses you off the most? Do you like what you see? Why did you break up your previous relationship? If you are ready to answer those questions – or even better, if you are curious to see what others answer under the spotlight, this is the right piece for you.

#Instalove was fun. Refreshing, inspiring, interesting, beautiful, daring, provocative and specially, original. It was original because #Instalove is a highly participative theatre play in which “there would be no show if it wasn’t for the participants”, as Catherine Duquette, creator, writer and performer of #Instalove said.

The piece doesn’t start when you enter the theatre, it starts even before. At the foyer of the English Theatre Berlin, you find a dating computer game to familiarize with the subject and a video introducing you to the four characters of the play, which will be the backbone of the piece. Clare, a romantic dreamer, Kate, an overachieving theatre director, Cat, a ties-free wild clubber and Kris, an extremely rational game designer.