International Womxn’s Month Group Exhibition at Galerie SLP 

Wanda Stang

This March, Galerie SLP is displaying the works of female artists celebrating their contributions to society, history and culture with an energizing, bright and authentic feel.

From the 4th to the 28th of March, a group of International female artists from diverse backgrounds will be showcasing their works. Spanning from small-scale collages and photography to large-scale paintings. The art encourages discourse on mental health, beauty standards, identity and a more general question of what it means to be a woman.

Galya Feiermann – Party for One Series

In celebrating an inclusive and inherently feminist message of equality and diversity, the exhibit sparks a conversation on how to better interhuman relationships, love, acceptance and tolerance regardless of gender or background. The patriarchal narrative which has repressed female artists from participating in art history and the art scenes throughout different epochs is deconstructed, exposed and replaced with a joyful and democratic look on topics that surround and inspire us to create.

Viewers are encouraged to question outdated yet still very widespread narratives about leaving women and non-binary people out of discussions about the human experience. Predominant opinions shape how we view society, advance science, and health and how culture is formed.

edinapicco Still Waiting 2023

The International Womxns Month exhibition at Galerie SLP opens a vital discussion about womanhood, gender equality, stereotypes and ways to better ourselves as a more inclusive society.

Works from the exhibition will be available for purchase, general admission is free.

International Womxns Month by Wanda Stang | Conxi Sane | Edina Picco | Galya Kovalyova & Guest Artists | Vernissage March 4th, 2023 at 17:00 | Live Djs and Refreshments | Free Entry