Video Premiere: Internet Friends – Kids I Used to Know

May I introduce you to Swedens next biggest export “Internet Friends” who signed to Berlin label Duchess Box Records who released acts such as Gurr and Sofia Portanet. Today the band premieres its new video for the single: Kids I Used to Know.

Internet Friends aka “the best band since Black Eyed Peas” is the love child of Fredrik Soila, Jakob Falkendal and Noel Hassling Offrell. Since the start in 2018, the band has been releasing music and playing loads of live shows independently. After signing with Berlin-based label Duchess Box Records, even grumpy middle-aged promoters (men) can’t stop them anymore. / / Spotify

Constantly in an underdog position, professional martyrs Fredrik, Jakob and Noel keep proving to suits with vague competence that modern-day pop can be both bold and ticklish at the same time. You may recognize them by their their ultra-catchy hooks that must be stolen from somewhere, their humbleness, but most of all their live shows that always turn into the best party you’ve ever been to.

If The Strokes, Lily Allen and ABBA had an orgy. The offspring would go on to form Internet Friends.