Interview with a vampire by Rikhtik Victoria and Jean Gritsfeldt

The collaboration of JEAN GRITSFELDT brand and Rikhtik Victoria art-photographer is a disclosure of the issue of self-acceptance, which is quite acute in the modern world through ‘Interview with a vampire’ esthetics. The vampire exists outside of time and subsequent history and language, collapsing the binaries between man and woman, human and animal. A manifest through the deployment of fashion as a conduit in exploding not only gender binaries in the construction of language but the discourse of gender itself. A KALTBLUT exclusive.

Photographer: Rikhtik Victoria @rikhtik_victoria
Make-up: Svetlana Rymakova @rymakova
Hair: Max Nago @max_nago
Models: Adelina Deli @adelina.deli, Katya @akisukill, Jean Gritsfeldt @jeangritsfeldt
Style: Olga Prymachenko @olgaprymachenko
Clothes: and Maksym Dubin @maksym_dubin