Into My Summer Dreams

A KALTBLUT exclusive by Mandy Wu. A portrait photographer currently based in Taiwan.
She often found herself mesmerized by the colour-drenched dreamscapes. Her inspiration comes from her life philosophy, a fantasy about love, and her observation of the world. Model is WenHang Chan. Styling by Kaynkenchen. Fashion Brands are Kaynkenchen and shoes by Adidas.

The photo series “Into My Summer Dreams” is inspired by our often confusion of dreams and realities. Sometimes dreams can be the only way to discover who we really are and to explore our subconscious mind.

Photography by Mandy Wu / / Instagram: @mandywuphoto
Model is WenHang Chang / Instagram: @creepywww_
Styling by Kaynkenchen / Instagram: @kaynkenchen
Assistant Yu Ning / Instagram: @fishhhhhhhh_face

Fashion Brands are Kaynkenchen and shoes by Adidas