Introducing: Dylan Hall

#ArtInjection! Dylan Hall is a 22 year old Illustrator and Painter from the South East of England. “I make work through drawing, painting and printmaking depending on what works best for an idea. My interests lie in human interaction and the way we are effected by our surroundings.”

“My work focusses on daily routines and the obligation to spend the majority of our time to do jobs that we don’t like. I take inspiration from people I meet and my personal experiences and built up narratives from that. I try not to over complicate the way I work and let ideas form as I am making an artwork.”

My work is playful and built around people and situations I find funny but that also have themes of melancholy and with a focus on the darker side of life. I am interested in the internal life people build to escape their reality and the disappointment they feel in their ordinary lives. My comic ‘Washing Dishes in 1964’ demonstrates this interest.”

Website – Instagram – @dylan_hall_


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