Geometric red print tracksuit.

Introducing fashion designer Joaquin Fuster

After graduating in fashion design, Spain based designer JOAQUIN FUSTER earned knowledge of the most traditional systems of pattern design, confection and tailoring. JOAQUIN FUSTER intends to uphold human and social rights and combat discrimination through his fashion designs. With an entertaining, fresh and irreverent style, this designer focusses his struggle against gender roles. He is known for his genderless designs, full of art and craft work. JOAQUINFUSTER wants fashion to be as free and authentic as possible. Photography by Alberto Rodríguez. Model is Kenji Dilenga Kande. All fashion in the ediorial by JOAQUIN FUSTER.

Hand painted suit. (Painted by Paloma Sac)

Fashion designer is Joaquín Fuster /

Photography by Alberto Rodríguez/ /

Model is Kenji Dilenga Kande /