Introducing: GDNA

Mystically melodic tunes offset his electro induced beats creating the formation of what is Los Angeles based artist GDNA (pronounced Gudina). The blending of genre bending sounds along with sexy guitar riffs like the ones in his latest track ‘On My Own’ are hypnotic and soulful to say the least.


GDNA doesn’t make music with a particular audience in mind but rather he creates it with everyone in mind saying it’s for “all my people in the streets, boulevards, avenues, ways, drives, and naturally, cul de sacs”.

His music takes a natural path colliding with a range genres to create something futuristic with the GDNA sound. It is no wonder you can sense slight influences from the likes of Flying Lotus and Blood Orange throughout his tracks. Keep your eyes peeled for more to come from GDNA in 2015.