Introducing: Guido Vera! A new fashion designer from Chile

#OneToWatch! GUIDO VERA is a homonymous project based on the nomadic customs of a millenary civilisation that inhabited Tierra del Fuego: the selk’nam. Guido, its founder, takes this concept and transforms it into a lifestyle through a minimalist and sombre move yet offering extravagant touches.

The selk’nam were nomads and relied on hunting for survival. They endured the inhospitable weather of Patagonia for thousands of years. This is how VERA crafted pieces for those who are always on the move –just like the selk’nam–, going beyond their comfort zone. This translates into a dynamic and fresh proposal, free of age and gender labels.

The statement of GUIDO VERA’s users is “proactive and busy, yet beautiful and extravagant at the same time”. Robes and overalls are the proposal for new essentials.

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