Introducing Kyiv-based future workwear brand M0D4

#Lookbook – “Now you’re seeing the result of the risky experiment. The culture of the whole nation is being explored. Applying the method of merging the East with the West. The removal of the iron curtain. The working class is exposed to new music, movies, and fashion. The parents were building nuclear plants. Now their children are dancing in the abandoned factories. Not great, not terrible.

The situation is unique – two worlds somehow fit in one country. Industrial pollution and sustainability. Breakthrough design and post-Soviet visual noise. Corruption and social responsibility. The place where we learn to work in a new way. With m0d44. The workwear from Kyiv.”

This collection was created with a destiny to inspire creative youth to construct their own projects revealing their potential; to practice political, cultural, and social freedom; to unite creative people in order to implement new projects using common creative skills and efforts. 

As always, we focus on loose silhouettes, work aesthetics, and durable materials.

We’re proud to be a Kyiv-based project and live in a city full of brave, creative, cool, and responsible people. By ordering from our website you will help our team to move forward and donate to local volunteer communities.