Introducing Menswear designer Boris Kollar!

All photos by Guaizine introducing menswear designer Boris Kollar: There is a need in me to make a clothes lighter, more transparent, plain, almost invisible. I got rid of buttons or zippers and eventually I reduced the amount of stitches, therefore I used less thread. My approach is to get rid of things that I find redundant, rather than adding even more new attributes to the clothes that were already invented. 

Garments from this collection are stitched with just one continuous thread. It starts on one sleeve and finishes on the other. I don’t like to take traditional ways of making clothes for granted. Therefore I take one step backwards to question shape and necessity of every aspect of clothes such as a sleeve, collar or lapel.
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The clothes from this collection are based on just one pattern piece where there is not one cut going through the whole fabric to separate it. Many times I had to redesign sleeves and pockets from scratch. Width of the pattern is fitted according to the width of a fabric therefore for instance sometimes sleeves are folded to fit in.

I think it is necessary to treat a piece of fabric with a respect as they do for instance with kimono in Japan or poncho in Peru. Because is seems that cutting a fabric into infinite amount of pieces means just forcing it to behave the way you want it to, while forgetting about its own “dreams”.
Words by Boris Kollar
Images by Guaizine