Introducing: Metaverse fashion brand-Placebo!

“We are an activist fashion brand that uses digital fashion to create a change in the fashion industry! Our garments are sustainable, ageless, genderless and sizeless- they are for all people! We challenge the definition of a human toward the Metaverse.”

Roei Derhi, the founder of Placebo digital fashion house, was born and raised in Israel. He is a 2016 graduate of the fashion department at Shenkar college. He was recruited by H&M after his graduation show and has relocated to Stockholm to be part of the design team.

All Digital fashion made by Placebo digital fashion house /  Instagram: @Placebo_DFH

Roei was always fascinated by technology, social media, and the gaming world. As a kid, he use to copy comic book characters and redesign them with new garments using baking sheet paper. He fell in love with the story you can tell through clothes.

Three years ago he establishes a start-up to explore new ways to express fashion in 3D. That was the birth of Placebo digital fashion house. A fashion house that creates fashion for social media, the gaming industry, and the Metaverse.

The house creates glamorous outdoor looks. Placebo core beliefs are that digital fashion can defy not only the definition of fashion, it could also challenge the definition of humankind in the 21st century.

Placebo creates garments that are genderless, sizeless, and ageless with the thought that those things are not important in the digital world, where you can choose how to present yourself. Roei Derhi, the founder of the house, says that digital fashion let’s people fashionably express themselves in the most creative way.

Digital fashion by Placebo digital fashion house / / Instagram: @placebo_dfh

3D  environment by Peter Favinger / Instagram: @petefavinger