Introducing: MOBS!

“Shoes transform your body language and attitude.” A famous shoe designer once said. And he is right! May I introduce you to MOBS footwear?! Founded by Alexandre Benaim. MOBS footwear has the main target of being chic, fashionable, and functional.

Currently, they are based on “mobility, optimism, beauty and soul”. His main inspirations were obtained from admiring human migration patterns among different cultures of the world. One example is the tread sandals of the nomadic Maasai tribe in Tanzania. The brand embraces people to break the comfort zone and discover new places like nomads do. In this way, they provide high quality and comfortable shoes for people so they can use them wherever they go.
The footwear designs are the final product of the combination of exploration and discovery through cityscapes around the world. However, the uniqueness of MOBS is that all their designs are unisex and specially made for any occasion. According to the designer, high fashion has become streetwear and streetwear has become unisex. The brands adapt according to the new trends and demand of people.
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