Introducing PNPPL ZINE ISSUE 7

“PNPPL zine 07 features in total 14 artists/photographers on 150pages. As has become Pineapple’s custom, I’m celebrating the summer with a new issue, the 7th PNPPL zine (not counting special editions). New members and familiar faces joining the new PNPPL, as usual, I have tried to bring together a diverse range of styles in both painting and photography.”

Cover by Walter Jenkel @walter_jenkel
Ph–Assistant Pedro-G.-Arjona__
models Toni and Dani
Back cover by Pascual Rodriguez @paskrod.jpg

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various models by Spyros Rennt @spyressence.jpg

Above all, it’s their talent that binds these people together, to the exclusion of everything else. As always, Pineapple has given free rein to their creativity, so the magazine is not built around a single theme, but shows the creators/models from a different perspective from series to series.

Photographed by Ori Paul Levi @oriocreams / / Model: Shawn @shawnntuller

Photographs by Pantelis @pantelisworld / @wetdreamzine / @coitusmagazine / Model: Finn Lewis @finnxlewis

Artworks back cover by Pascual Rodriguez @paskrod.jpg

Photographed by Walter Jenkel @walter_jenkel / Ph. assistant Pedro G. Arjona

PNPPL zine 07 focuses on explicit works, not Worksafe content! The zine is a limited edition of 200 copies, in A5 size (5.8 x 8.3 inches) on a heavy 130g paper. Available for 24 $ + shipping fee.

Artworks by Clément Legrand @clemenlegrand /

Photographed by Marc Turlan @marcturlan / Models: Mathias Chaillot @mathiaschaillot
Enzo Tonati @je_sors_ce_soir / Graphic by: Erwan Badir @erwanbadir

PNPPL ZINE’s website: Shop: