Introducing VAGUE or What Do You Mean “Fashionable”?

For VAGUE-Tel Aviv based brand offering purely black clothing with a gender-free appeal, the word “fashionable” is losing it’s meaning. What we choose to wear is becoming much more subjective and individual – each person can create their own style based on their principles and personality.

Gender old norms are losing their importance, and it also has a significant place in each person’s perception of self. When the discourse becomes more open, and the freedom to be “YOU” disengages from old stigmas, looking inward allows us to place more emphasis on what is important in clothing – comfort, texture and shape. /

Photographer: Alex Pergament – Models: Omer Diller, Sivan Or – Makeup: Liza Visar

“Today you are no longer what you wear, but what you wear is you.”- Anuk Yosebashvili, Vague ́s founder and designer.

VAGUE is a non-gender black fashion brand launched in August 2016 in Tel Aviv. The owner and designer, Anuk Yosebashvili, is a graduate of Shenkar College of Engineering and Designing, with a master’s degree in design of footwear and fashion accessories from the Polimoda Institute in Florence.

NON-GENDER. NON-TREND. NON-ISSUE. The choice of non-gender design has never stemmed from a perception that does not recognize gender. The wearer is, of course, important and the gender must be relevant and is existing.