Introducing Z by Hermione Flynn! An artist playing in her own League

KALTBLUT Fashion Award winner 2016, 3D Performance Artist and Designer, Hermione Flynn is an outstanding artist.. playing in her own league. Hermione Flynn presents a digital fashion campaign entitled, Introducing Z. or

The campaign is an exploration of digital fashion simulations in an effort to both honour, and obliterate, physical reality. This is reflected in a series of imagery which replicates the typical fashion ”look-book and campaign” format, showcasing pixel-perfect garment representations, as well as abstract digital simulations which defy physical reality.

Introducing Z also functions as a commentary on a new future for the fashion industry, where the lines between physical and digital craftsmanship merge. The 3D generated imagery allows a designer to explore the adorned human body without any regard to physical boundaries – an arm may simply pass through the textile, or draped fabric may hang in a direction which defies gravity. This limitless approach has the capacity to enhance both the creative process for the designer, as well as provide infinite styling opportunities for the art director. A new creative language has been established, one which would have previously fallen in the realm of the impossible.

Furthermore, the campaign is also modelled by 3D avatar, Em. Em is an exact digital replica
of Flynn’s own physical form, and acts as a 3D Performance-Art Avatar for Flynn’s creative endeavours. In its entirety, Introducing Z is a project which suggests that physical limitation is a thing of the past, and that the digital space of X, Y and Z is a new territory for infinite freedom.

Art Direction : Hermione Flynn
Digital Garment Construction : Aleftina Karasyova
3D Artist : Molly Burchard
Digital Double Creation : Mimic Productions
Creative/Technical Assistance : Enes Güç
3D Artist : Evelyn Bencicova
Graphic Design : Martin Menso