Irene’s Travel – Part one: Iceland

Irene Tondelli is a 30 years old travel-adventure and documentary photographer based in the North of Italy. She graduated in photography and got a master in art direction. Tondelli’s influences are mostly her cultural roots and the masters of Italian photography of the 70’s and 80’s. She loves to photographs landscapes, which makes her feel good and relax. This is the first part of Irene’s travel and it start with Iceland.

A dialogue with nature. As human, I strongly believe in the thaumaturgical effect of the time spent living in deep harmony with nature, as photographer I believe in the power of creating evocative images and share the magic I found somewhere with other people. It’s important for me, to enter in a close relation with what I behold. I think that in many cases it’s what makes a photograph an image destinate to last in times.The human figure rarely appears in my pictures, I find more interesting documenting the passage of people than the their physical presence. 1celand is a serie about my trip in Iceland, I slept in tent, cooked in the camp stove and travelled by car all around the isle. The number 1 in the title is because it has been my first real journey, a new start for me. I focused on landscape and the contrast between residential areas and the icelandic wide open spaces. Finding out how small I am standing in front a glacier or a waterfall has been a great life lesson. I think nature’s not indifferent towards humans, it simply follows its path, and us, as guest travelers in its greatness, we redefine our place in the world, we s cale down our everyday problems, we remind the true essence of life.”

Instagram: @hirenetondelli