Italian Dream by Matteo Malvino

Matteo Malvino is an Italian photographer based in Rome. Always interested in his projects that start from a documentary point to eventually become more abstract and suggestive making it to the art photography category, KALTBLUT Magazine presents his series Italian Dream along with a few words on what this series is about and what the Italian Dream is to the photographer.


Artist Statement:

“I Know it. But i don’t have any evidence.” I want to start with this quote of Pier Paolo Pasolini, maybe the most important Italian mind of the last century. I also start this series with a distorted image of the Idroscalo, a strange place outside Rome were he was killed.

This project is about decay, fear, broken dreams, but I don’t want this picture to be an evidence. I try to get away from documentary photography, creating a fiction that could be more powerful.

Rome is the epicenter of Italian social and cultural decadence. Through a symbolic and abstract photography I tried to return a beauty that you would not find otherwise. Degradation, food, sex, success, are addressed in a detached way, symbolic and disillusioned.

MatteoMalvino_ItalianDream04 MatteoMalvino_ItalianDream05 MatteoMalvino_ItalianDream06 MatteoMalvino_ItalianDream07 MatteoMalvino_ItalianDream08 MatteoMalvino_ItalianDream09 MatteoMalvino_ItalianDream10 MatteoMalvino_ItalianDream11 MatteoMalvino_ItalianDream12 MatteoMalvino_ItalianDream13 MatteoMalvino_ItalianDream14 MatteoMalvino_ItalianDream15 MatteoMalvino_ItalianDream16 MatteoMalvino_ItalianDream17 MatteoMalvino_ItalianDream18 MatteoMalvino_ItalianDream19 - Copy MatteoMalvino_ItalianDream20

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