Sweater by H&M Trend
Coat by Kjaerkoebenhavn
Sneaker by Adidas

It’s just you and me – my lady in red

A KALTBLUT exclusive womenswear editorial. Photography by Elisabeth de Vires. Model is Liselotte signed at Wilma Wakker. Styling by Tricja Styling using H&M Trend, RVDK, Adidas, Zara amongst others. Make up by Monique Brinkhorst @EE Agency for M.A.C Cosmetics and EVO hair. ” Born in 1986 I am an Amsterdam based photographer. Soon after I finished my study History of Art at the VrijeUniversiteit of Amsterdam, I decided not to work in the art world any longer. Instead of reviewing images, I wanted to create them. And photography clung a way into my life. I would like to describe my style as vivid and sensitive. Vivid, because I prefer to capture my subject in motion. My personal energy level is usually quite high and like to set things in motion to eliminate everything that feels forced or unnatural. Sensitive, because I don’t feel everything is supposed to be super beautiful. Instead, my highest goal is to make you feel something. During a shoot I get inspired by all the unexpected. For example; weather changes, unforeseen circumstances and new on-the-spot insights. I have to admit; I like it when things go slightly wrong. It will force you to adjust and create something you haven’t thought of before.” says Elisabeth de Vires  – It’s just you and me – my lady in red.

Sweater by H&M Trend 
Trousers by La Dress
 Earings by Zara
Jacket by Barbara Langendijk
 Earings by Zara
Coat by Barbara Langendijk
 Earing by Zara 
Trousers by Roland Mouret
Top by MSGM
Coat by Uvy & Oak
 Dress by H&M Trend
 Earings by Zara
Blazer and trousers by Frenken
 Earings by Zara
 sneakers by Adidas
Jacket by Benchellal
 Trousers by H&M Trend
 Sneakers by Adidas
 Earings by H&M
Top by RVDK
Earings by H&M

Photography by Elisabeth de Vires / www.elisabethdevires.com
Instagram: www.instagram.com/elisabethdevires

Model is Liselotte signed at Wilma Wakker /  www.wwmodels.nl
Instagram: www.instagram.com/wwmodels

Fashion by Tricja Styling / www.tricjastyling.com

Make up by Monique Brinkhorst @EE Agency for M.A.C Cosmetics and EVO hair
Instagram: www.instagram.com/monique.make.up.artist