Earrings by Yves Saint Laurent

I’ve Seen That Face Before

A KALTBLUT exclusive editorial starring Oluwatoniloba Dreher-Adenuga signed at Two Management. Photography by Dale Grant. Style and Make up by Hercules Terres. Retouch by Liya Embrace. Brands are Balmain, Balenciaga, Mango, Maison Margiela, Versace, Moschino, Yves Saint Laurent.

Ring by Versace
Earrings by Moschino
Top by Maison Margiela
Earrings by Mango
Blazer by Balmain
Earrings by Balenciaga

Photography by Dale Grant / dale-grant.format.com / Instagram: @dale.grant
Style and Make up by Hercules Terres / www.herculesterres.com / Instagram: @hercules_terres
Model is Oluwatoniloba Dreher-Adenuga signed at Two Management / www.twomanagement.eu / Instagram: @oluwatonilobaa
Retoucher by Liya Embrace / liyaembrace.com / Instagram: @liya_embrace_retoucher

Hercules Terres, Brazilian based in Berlin, began his career as a makeup artist in the cinema industry. His hardcore love for fashion has allowed him to take on various positions during photo productions namely: stylist, makeup artist, producer and art director. He is completely dedicated to his craft. His clients appreciate his talent of bringing creative and unique concepts together in a perfect style and with an avant-gard twist.