Top designed by Rachelle Vork Trouser designed by Rachelle Vork

I’ve been through a lot

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by Ryan Oosterling. Model is Varusa Misidjan signed at Weareone Management. All fashion by Rachelle Vork. “I’m Ryan Oosterling a photographer from the Netherlands. At the moment I’m focusing on telling stories through fashion photography. Not just a simple editorial, but I’m trying to mix storytelling/documentary with fashion, which is hard. The story of the editorial was about a woman who has lived in a neighborhood where she had it difficult. But she shows – besides the things she has been through – that she has come out strong. The clothes in my series is not where its all about, but it has to a tell the story with the location and the model. This series was a collaboration with the designer Rachelle Vork. The story of the clothes is about the thin line between losing your friends and the image that it leaves of the person in our memory.”. Make up by Evita Rekkers

Photography by Ryan Oosterling


Instagram: @Ryanoosterling

Facebook: Ryan Oosterling Photographer

Model is Varusa Misidjan signed at Weareone Management

Instagram: @Varusamisidjan

Facebook: Varusa Misidjan

Styling/Designer is Rachelle Vork

Instagram: @wheretheroad.goes

Facebook: Rachelle Vork

Make up by Evita Rekkers


Instagram: @evitarekkers

Facebook: Evita Rekkers

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