Jarvy Blaq – The New Age

Introducing artist Jarvy Blaq and the new EP: The New Age! Out today! Jarvy is a dissident and underground artist from Spain. The art project going with the release features a series of studio images with designs by Blaq Club and Fabio Ortega.

www.instagram.com/jarvyblaq // linktr.ee/Jarvyblaq

JARVY 1/11/1996

“Create is what I dedicate myself to, art has always accompanied me to discover myself. Design, music, image, artistic direction or any field of creation where I can develop is part of my work.
I currently dedicate a large part of my time to my fashion firm, to modeling and to my music. Traveling and collaborating with artists in different countries. Life, the universe, philosophy, society and the future are the main inspirations in my projects.
I don´t identify with my human nature, we have come to learn and anyone who wants is invited to learn with me and my creation.”

The New Age EP
Project art credits:
Direction: Jarvy Blaq @jarvyblaq
Photography: Heshewho @heshewho
Designs: Blaq Club / Fabio Ortega @blaqclub @fabio0rtega