Jasmine Infiniti’s New World Dysorder Releases Debut Compilation

New World Dysorder’s definitive first compilation offers a proper introduction to the international label and artist collective spawned by producer and DJ Jasmine Infiniti. Riding off the heels of her defiant, game-changing debut album, BXTCH SLÄP, Jasmine ushers in an exciting new era of dance music with this bold, 24-track record. Showcasing transgender, gender non-conforming, femme-identifying and POC artists on a global scale, New World Dysorder proves the sound of the future is not static. Industrial techno, thundering jungle, mind-numbing electro, trance, hip-hop, global club, house and vogue/ballroom music all collide in subversive, forward-thinking moves.

Chicago MC Miss Pvssy makes statements on “EXPENSIVE”, with the aid of L.A.’s BAE BAE on the 1’s and 2’s. Oakland legend Bored Lord serves up a firestorm of drum and bass on “Open Doors”. The iconic House of Labeija member Skyshaker returns with a high-definition, big-room epic titled “All The Dark (Novox)”. And Jasmine Infiniti herself appears on the compilation in collaboration with São Paulo artists BadSista and Malka as well as New Brunswick producer Wilhelmina and DJ Femboy.

Though disparate in sound, style and origin, the substance of these 24 tracks remains the same: Resistance, Change, and Union.

Join us, in a New World Dysorder!

NWDWW – Imari Dotson

Feature photo of Jasmine Infiniti by Christopher Sonny Martinez