A Joe’s Story

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by Kunal Kohli. Model is Gard Strand. Makeup by Stine Broen. Hair by Lars Eriksen Eitran signed at Stylemanagement. “A Joe’s Story,” tells the story of a man dealing with his mental illness. It is an illness that can affect any person and a topic that is very important to discuss openly amongst each- other. “A Joe’s Story” was created at Sanatorium in Oslo, Norway in March 2019, where the images were designed specifically for the location. Space is designed by Interior architects and designers; Vigdis Bergh and Gro Sævik. This series also introduces the photographer, Kunal Kohli, the first collaboration with the designer, T- Michael, who is based in Bergen in Norway.

Dress, shirt, pants and shoes by T-Michael
Pants by Tiger of Sweden
Shirt, pants and shoes by T-Michael
Scarf by Pashmina
Pants by Sanatorium
Skirt by Brunello Cucinelli, borrowed from Felicia in Oslo

Photography by Kunal Kohli / www.kunalkohli.com / Instagram: www.instagram.com/kunal_kohli_photography

Model is Gard Strand / Instagram: www.instagram.com/gardstrand

Makeup by Stine Broen  / Instagram: www.instagram.com/stinebroen

Hair by: Lars Eriksen Eitran signed at Stylemanagement / Instagram:


Location: Sanatorium / www.sanatorium.no Instagram: