JORDANLUCA Spring/Summer 2020

Damn You Spring!

#LFWMEN – Jordan Bowen & Luca Marchetto continue to challenge the established norms of contemporary menswear for S/S20 as JORDANLUCA clash cultures and blur the sartorial lines between work and pleasure. Undoubtedly fan favourites on the LFWMs schedule, JORDANLUCA have always been one to awe and inspire when it comes to their previous presentations, always making an impact, but for their first official runway offering, they chose to let their designs do the talking with a clear focus on the clothing.

No gimmicks, no nonsense, no theatrics, which wasn’t exactly what I expected but it did allow me to sit back and enjoy the collection without over-thinking. Merging Italian heritage with the raw intensity of London with luxury athleisurewear at the forefront backed by a rebellious core.

Entitled “Maledetta Primavera”, Italian for Damned Springtime, JORDANLUCA transported us down a darker route for Spring/Summer, featuring a metallic-gravel tracksuit alongside standout shirts in a psychedelic mutant rat print and super cute cropped vests paired alongside 90s cargos, all demanding instant attention. Styled comfortably with footwear by HOKA as chunky coloured runners make their street ready presence truly known.

Rave meets function, utility meets utopia. Here for it.

Styling: Andrew Davis
Hair: Declan Sheils
Grooming: Rachel Singer-Clark
Casting: Irene Manicone
Music: Jeffrey Hinton
Hat: Stephen Jones
Jewellery: Emily Frances Barrett
Belts: Ed Curtis