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Juergen Hartl by Sasha Olsen

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Sasha Olsen is a young photographer that did reunite with several creatives from South Africa and had the pleasure to work with the German model Juergen Hartl. Moving forward and adapting to bravery in moments of solitude. He searches within but often finds himself between a rock and a hard place, as the memories of yesteryear come floating in like waves and pull him under. Finding himself dancing with the ghost of him, making his heart beat to a nostalgic drum of vulnerability and love.

Photographer is Sasha Olsen @sashaxolsen
Model is Juergen Hartl @juergen_hartl
Agency  My Friend Ned @myfriendned
Stylist is Philip Morris Wesson @styledbypmw
All clothes were custom made by Custume Hire
Underwear: Calvin Klein and Charlie by Matthew Zinc (@calvinkein, @charliebymz)