Juicy by Franco Berardi

A KALTBLUT exclusive from Argentina. Photographer Franco Berardi captured male model Aucan Peralta Massa for us. Styled by Jonathan Kim. Makeup by Rosario Acuña. “I’m a photographer based in Misiones, Argentina. Currently I’m an Industrial Design student, but whenever I have a chance, I would take pictures. That’s my true passion. With my photos, I try to transmit a glance of a variety of feelings. I enjoy recreating stories that come up to my mind. My inspiration is ephemeral, I don’t really make a full plan about what to do, I just think about a concept, develop it, and then I’ll carry out whatever comes from it.”

There are those who love to get dirty. They drink coffee. And those who stay clean, and just appreciate things in life. They drink juice.

Photographer: Franco Berardi / Instagram: @francropp
Model: Aucan Peralta Massa / Instagram: @auncanm
Stylist: Jonathan Kim / Instagram: @jonthankim
Photography Assistant: Nano López / Instagram: @phnanolopez
Makeup: Rosario Acuña / Instagram: @charo.mua